OCA Photography Two: Documentary barry511915. Assi three Exercise Six: Roberts We English

Roberts is an excellent businessman, his command over marketing is fundamental to his success and without it, he probably would have been mediocre like the rest of us. He says photography is 20% making pictures and 80% banging your head against a wall, this only goes to show you that to be a good well known Photographer you need the tenacity to continue when all of the universes seems to be against you. The images in his work are a record of what, We English do in our free time. He has accomplished this in a simple and refreshing way.

They are reminiscent of old paintings, and of course, this was the intention. The composition of the images are Tableau and are meant to be unaware of the viewer, to draw the viewer into the scene and create a narrative in mind.

A bit of a contradiction in this image perhaps he should have named we British. But still, it draws you in and holds you there, The work an anthropology feel a record of the free time of the peoples of this Country.  Some of the images seem a little overexposed as far as the sky is concerned, see below.

I don’t know if these images will be edited out or if it was Roberts intention to use these but can’t get past the dull white sky.